Meet Wisconsin Soybean Farmer

Vicki Coughlin, Watertown, WI

Name: Vicki Coughlin   Location: Watertown, Wisconsin

Years farming: While my husband has been involved in agriculture his entire life, we started this farm together in 1962.

How I came to be a farmer: Gene has farmed all his life. We began our own operation in 1962 and operate the land that has been in the Coughlin family since 1852. Our farm is at the beginning of six generations of agriculture.

The best thing about being a farmer: I find great pride in knowing that we are producing food on the same land that has been in production for generations. And then seeing the interest and passion in the next generations to continue the legacy of food production. These are a few of the rewards that we enjoy from farming.

My personal philosophy on farming: For our family, working hard and working together as a family, while experiencing and sharing the bounty from the land, is a big part of who we are. There is a great reward in knowing that producing food and caring for the land goes hand-in-hand. We know the business of agriculture is one filled with high risk, hard work, and uncertainty; however, the reward of being in an industry that has a high positive impact on the lives of others throughout the world is exactly what we want to be part of. The love of the land is the base of our livelihood, our heritage, and the future for our farm.