Meet Wisconsin Soybean Farmers

Jonathan Gibbs
Fox Lake, WI

Jonathan Gibbs, a farmer-leader serving on the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board, grows seed soybeans, food-grade soybeans, corn, seed wheat, canning peas, alfalfa and forage, along with raising cattle on his family farm in Fox Lake, Wis. Gibbs was selected as one of 10 U.S. soybean farmers from across the country to participate in the soy checkoff’s 2013 See for Yourself program. Gibbs learned how and where his soybeans are being used both domestically and internationally.

View a short video to learn how Jonathan Gibbs works with his father and uncle on their nearly century old farm.

Vicki Coughlin
Watertown, WI

Vicki and her husband, Gene began farming in 1962 on the land that has been in the Coughlin family since 1852. Today, the family grows soybeans, corn and wheat while raising the six generation on the land.
Watch a short video to learn how the Coughlin family takes pride in producing food for a growing population.

Jeff Gaska
Columbus, WI

Jeff grew up on his family’s farm and now operates his own grain farm with his wife, 3-year-old daughter and 6-month-old son. Jeff grows 375 acres of soybeans, corn and winter wheat along with caring for a small herd of beef cattle on his farm. During the 2012 harvest, Jeff welcomed a Milwaukee reporter to ride alongside him in the combine to experience firsthand Soybean Harvest: A view through the combine windshield.

Dan Roe
Monticello, WI

Dan along with his wife, Sally, and three children: Natalie, 10; Nicholas, 7; and Alex, 6; and Dan’s parent’s Don and Karen Roe, own and operate a grain farm near Monticello in Green County. Today, this father-son partnership operates about 4,400 acres of soybean and corn in addition to operating their grain elevator, Pleasant Grain. Dan and his dad embrace new technology to produce a quality crop. Dan currently serves on state and national soybean boards. View a short video of Dan introducing young people to the science of planting and harvesting soybeans on his family’s farm.

Arndt Farms
Janesville, WI

From crops to cattle, Arndt Farms of Janesville is a 4th generation livestock, crop and vegetable farm. Brothers David, Bob, Allan; their mother Donna; and Bob’s son Austin; are shareholders in the family-owned and operated farm. The farm began in 1923 when the Arndts’ grandparents bought 80 acres. Today, the Arndts farm 3,000 acres. Arndt Farms raises corn and soybeans, most of which is exported outside the United States. In addition, the Arndt’s care for 1,600 beef cattle and consistently produce high-quality meats for customers. View a short video how Arndt family cares for the land and cattle.