Wisconsin Soybeans Grow our Economy

Into Outdoors

Meet Coolbean the Soybean! He's a super bean, but he has something very important in common with kids everywhere. Visit the COOLBEAN The Soybean website.

Cornell Middle School students see soybean harvest in action at Larry Harms’ farm in Jim Falls to complete their soybean study.

Education Soy Savvy Curriculum
The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board brings soy education into the classroom in partnership with Emmy™ Award-winning TV series “Into the Outdoors”. The Soy Savvy lessons are a comprehensive soy curriculum for educators with interactive videos and materials. These new soy savvy lessons show how soybeans are important to our state economy, how soybean farmers care for the land, provide feed for livestock and nutritious food for people.

Gear toward 4 to 7th grades, the state-certified lessons, videos and resources include:

Teachers your FREE trip to a soybean farm has come!
Want to win a FREE field trip with your class to a local soybean farm this spring? Get your students out of the classroom to tour a farm, meet a farmer and learn how something as simple as a soybean can excite your students about science, nature and one of the state’s most valuable crops. Apply now – this special grant is limited to the first 20 participating schools.

How can your class become eligible for this all-expenses paid trip?
Visit the Wisconsin Education Network (WEN) and complete the 4 “Soy Savvy” lessons. Click here for grant application and details. Soy Savvy is a part of WEN. Visit wisconsineducationnetwork.org for full listing of available curricula.

Soybean Science Kit
The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board partners with Wisconsin Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom to provide Soybean Science Kits for hands on soy experiments and lessons to increase agricultural literacy. To find a sponsored kit near you, visit AITC website www.wisagclassroom.org or call 608.828.5719.

Get Soybean Smart
Think of Get Soybean Smart as a virtual classroom where every subject is … soy. The GetSoybeanSmart.com website offers worksheets, glossaries and tutorials that will walk you through the art and science of the soybean, which supplies the world’s food, feed, fuel and fiber. Whether you’re a first-grader or four-year collegian, a young adult or sage-like educator, you’ll find the tools and information you need to become a full-fledged soy scholar.

Get Biotech Smart
The GetBiotechSmart.com website provides biotechnology information and tools to teachers and students. This web portal is designed to address the questions around biotechnology and generate corresponding discussions through video podcasts, e-learning modules, a teacher forum, and other e-resources.

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